Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eye Ball Series

Sent out an email to some friends today. Thought I'd bring that same email here and post it...

Some pretty interesting links. I think one could spend quite a bit of time traveling through sites that perhaps reveal more than they should.
Especially knowing the bad guys can see them too. ...PRY...

"This paper documents and assesses emerging efforts to resist and subvert deep-seated and long-held governmental secrecy over geographical spaces of military/security activities and other sites deemed sensitive by the state. It explores tensions in new web-served mapping and high-resolution imagery of these sites, which view them though ‘pin holes’ of publicly available data. These ‘counter-mappings’ focus attention on the significance of sites that are either buried unnoticed in seamless global image coverage, or else censored on official mapping. Some reveal a strongly anti-hegemonic and oppositional discourse, others a more playful set of cultural practices. We situate these newly witnessed secret sites in contemporary visual culture, exploring the spectacular and Debordian possibilities of resistance that they offer, and evaluate the significance and ironies of these diverse imaging practices.

Keywords: Secrecy, Spectacle, Satellite Imagery, Power, Resistance, Debord"

"Secrets are strongly associated with visual culture: they are hidden but may be revealed; ubiquitous, but often unseen and are particularly associated with certain spaces. This paper focuses upon the role of overhead imagery in the contestation of sites deemed secret by nation states."

Satellite Imagery and the Spectacle of Secret Spaces.

Check out this link

If you do decide to wander through the link and the associated sites it links to come on back after a bit and share through comments what you think. Should governments close them down or place limits on them? Should free speech allow the revelation of sensitive locations? If so, who gets to decide where the line is?

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