Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do We Need Government Mandated Noise Polution?

Imagine this:

Walking down the street a normally quiet electric car jumps the curb. The driver is too drunk to apply the brakes so there is no screech of tires on the road or sidewalk BUT!!! Thanks to our government who is always there to protect us from cradle to grave we jump in time so we are only gravely injured instead of mortally injured.

Fake engine noise makes electric cars safer

I live in Inglewood California and for YEARS!!! the City of Inglewood has been collecting money from the Feds to alleviate LAX airport noise. Our tax dollars at work to make a quieter city. So they tell us. We know not to ask where the money goes. Word on the street is they have thugs on call at City Hall.

For years I've been hearing scientists say that excessive sound levels can disturb people and cause health problems. One sound does not cancel out another but simple adds another layer to the sounds we hear. Sound on sound is a problem they say.

For years I've dealt with tinnitus as the sirens from Police, ambulances, fire trucks and now the idiots in our government want to legislate our listening to more noise?

As hospitals close the only nearby one that now has an emergency room is less than a mile from my house. Sirens converge on it and the emergency vehicles seem to love waking people at 3 in the morning so the wakee can be impressed with the job being performed by the waker. Since there are virtually no cars on the road at 3 AM I can only surmise that is the reason for the sirens. The aircraft noise is not to much of a problem at 3 AM because they land from over the ocean and not over the city at that time.

Enough grumbling. The purpose of this posting is to protest the un-illustrious elected official "Representative Peter King" (R-NY) whose idea/bill will force cell phone manufacturers to make the camera feature of a cell phone emit a noise so that it will be audibly obvious when a picture is taken.

He says it is aimed at preventing "predators" from taking illicit photos of others in public with cell phones.

It will also alert criminals when they are caught in the act by law abiding citizens. Not to mention politicians entering a cat house would be alerted by the sound of their constituents who might want to blogpost the picture. And the next time Rodney King has a run in with the law camera phones can be confiscated.

The bill summary at states:
Requires any mobile phone containing a digital camera to sound a tone whenever a photograph is taken with the camera’s phone. Prohibits such a phone from being equipped with a means of disabling or silencing the tone. Treats the requirement as a consumer product safety standard and requires enforcement by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

And this guy is a Republican?

What about digital cameras? Are they next?

Face it folks! We are screwed with today's batch of politicians.

How about this for a law "Representative Peter King" (R-NY) - - - Convicted and released gang-bangers must wear a device that emits a piercing shriek every ten seconds to warn people to hang on to their wallets. And the device must be worn within 3 inches of the gang-bangers ears.

Or pull a gun to commit a crime = 10 years, Fire the gun = 25 years, Hit someone with a bullet = 50 years, Kill someone = Death penalty!

Carry a gun to protect oneself or others = a party in this good citizens honor!


Thanks to Warner Huston and his posting on Publius Forum From whom I borrowed much of this posting.

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