Sunday, April 24, 2005

Absolutely Absolute Truth!

prying1 sez: Gone Away ~ The Journal of Clive Allen in America has an interesting post on POETRY! (22-APR-05)

You sez: Poetry you say. Well who cares?

prying1 sez: I don't much except I like to learn stuff even if I never get to use it. Who knows when Alex Trebeck will come up to me and demand I be on Jeopardy to challenge Ken Jennings one on one. I gots to be prepared just in case.

You sez: Ok what about Clive's post.

prying1 sez: Well, go look at it in case Alex calls you up instead of me and while you are there check in the comments section where this exchange takes place:

Jodie said -

The only problem with absolute truth, Gone, is who gets to pick what it is? People these days have a terrible time agreeing on even the smallest of matters. :)

Gone Away replied -

That's just the point, Jodie: nobody picks absolute truth, it just is. And we ignore it at our peril. Would any of us decide that there is no such thing as gravity and jump off the Empire State building to prove our point? I think not. And whether we like it or not, there are truths as immutable as the law of gravity that pertain to right and wrong, good and evil, that we ignore or seek to argue away at our peril. It may not suit our personal agenda that there are basic truths about society that, if ignored, will destroy society. We see the evidence of our willful decision that societal rules no longer apply in our "enlightened society" all around us. How much longer can we ignore truth before society collapses into a new dark age?

Maybe I should blog this. It is, after all, what lies at the root of our cultural decay.

You sez: What does that have to do with poetry?

prying1 sez: Everything my lad, everything...