Tuesday, April 26, 2005

American Princess Corrects the Pledge of Allegiance

I would be OUTRAGED!!! OUTRAGED, I TELL YOU!!! If I thought that The American Princess were serious about her rewrite of the Pledge of Allegiance. Pretty funny stuff if you look past the fact that there are those who would love to adopt her version.

This blog of hers came about because of the news report of Everitt Middle School in Wheat Ridge, CO whose employee, Margo Lucero, the eighth-grade guidance counselor decided that the sixth anniversary of Columbine was a good time to be all inclusive.

Her version:
Instead of "one nation, under God," the voice said, "one nation, under your belief system."

Partial Quote of The American Princess' version - ...to the Republic] the totalitarian, theocratic, and fascist regime that is the current administration, which I contend is not legitimate as they disenfranchised minority voters in several states, [for which it stands], and state that, in fact, it is not representative of all of its people, only those who live in states that were labeled "red" by the mainstream media, and even then not by a mandate of voters, and certainly does not represent me, and I am sorry, world, that my countrymen were so stupid and shortsighted, and, ugh, Christian, to vote for a monkey,

Be sure to travel over to E. M. Zanotti site and browse around. It will be time well spent because Zanotti has a wonderful blog going.

Oh, and support her with some comments - pro or con. (attn. con - expect to lose any disagreements.)