Monday, April 11, 2005

Hewitt Offers Unwinnable Contest.

Hugh Hewitt of Radio/TV and Blogging fame has offered a free copy of his book 'Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World' to the first person that sends in a headline from a MAJOR news paper (if dinky blogs counted I'd do it here). The headline must include words that hits this note:

"Do Nothing Democrats Bank on Obstruction as Key to Comeback in '06: Reid says Country in the Mood for Stalemate Despite Dem Losses in '02 and '04. Daschle Said Advising Reid, Pelosi."

prying1 sez:
The fact that Democrats have stopped judicial nominations, offered nothing to straighten out Social Security (unless you want to call saying there is no problem 'a solution', continue to bad mouth Bolton and deny that anything good has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. When are these jokers going to get a life and face reality. They are losers.

Update: Hewitt also warns Democrats to stay out of the wood in Minnesota. From what I have heard of Minnesota hunters I hope they heed his warning.