Monday, April 11, 2005

Should the Catholic Church Change?

Public Theologian has a blurb re: Hans Kung on the Contradictions of John Paul II - In his post he says: - quote - What will be most interesting to watch over the next weeks as a new Pope is chosen, is whether or not the hard line positions that Kung describes which John Paul has espoused will continue under a new regime. The tradition has been that a conservative is followed by a liberal, but one can only hope. - end quote -

I have heard this same note of hope from other liberals, that is that the new Pope will "FIX" the church. This means making it into the image liberals have in their mind of the perfect church. Forget what God wants. Liberals know better.

Prying1 sez:
I do not expect much to change in the Catholic Church's stance on the 'major' issues. Priests getting married, abortion, birth control etc. From what I gather the new Pope will have to build on what those before him have said and decreed. For him to go total liberal would be tantamount to saying previous Popes were not 'infallible' when defining doctrine or morality for the whole church. That would endanger his own standing as 'infallible'.
This does not mean that I personally agree with all the doctrine in the Catholic Church. If I did, I would rejoin it. (Born and raised Catholic. - Left it at age 17) I do think it best to allow the Catholic Church to run itself and for those that disagree with it to go start their own church. It would be time better spent praying for the 'Universal' church as opposed to wishing for the neighbors doctrine to fall in line with ones own wishes...