Thursday, April 14, 2005

Senator McCain - Traitor to Republican Party?

Evidently John McCain R?/AZ wants to have his name associated with liberals. He is willing to throw in with the democrats concerning the unconstitutional filibuster the Democrats are using to keep the full Senate from voting up or down on Bush's Judicial nominations. On TV today McCain rolled over and threw a few democrat talking points (read - LIES - ) out to explain his reprehensible behavior.

Write to your senators and tell them to allow the judicial nominations to get to the full senate for an up or down vote.

You can encourage these Senators to do the right thing by e-mailing any GOP senator or by calling their office at 202-225-3121.

As a Californian Republican I'm stuck with Boxer and Feinstein. I and many others in this state depend on Republican Representatives and Senators in other states to do the right thing. McCain still has not voted one way or the other and may change his mind BUT! He has lost ANY respect I once had for him.

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