Monday, May 16, 2005

Smoothing the Rough Spots

This morning a friend told me about a near tragedy that happened this last weekend. His son-in-law was driving with his daughter riding shotgun and a friend in the backseat in the diamond lane of a L.A. freeway. For whatever reason the son-in-law lost control of the car and as control was lost the daughter said, "Jesus, save us!" The car actually flipped over and ended up on it's roof. The car is unsalvageable. All three occupants got out of the car without a scratch.

Now, would they have escaped unscathed if the woman had not called out to Jesus? Impossible to tell. I can say this. If the woman did not have Jesus paramount in her heart anything else could have escaped from her lips. If she had filled her soul with certain types of music it could just as well been profanities filling the car instead of a prayer. That might have been tough to explain had they gone to meet their maker instead of exiting the car unscratched.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Trusting in Jesus does not mean that life will be a bowl of cherries with no troubles in it but the Lord does tend to even off the rough edges. In a less dramatic event in my own life I got a flat tire (explosive kind) at night just as I exited a freeway near my home. I was able to continue through a green light, across the street, down half a block and park the car across the street from my home. I thanked the Lord, went inside and went to bed, saving changing the tire till morning's light...