Sunday, January 01, 2006


The most dangerous job if the season is finished. That is, dragging the Christmas tree outside without spilling the water all over.

In times past I've taken old towels and soaked the water out of the tree holder and then watched in dismay as the rags drip a line of water to the kitchen sink. I've crawled under the tree and used a cup to transfer the water to a pot and then spilt the pot as I got tangled in the tree. Plus I couldn't get quite all the water out and spilled some more moving the tree.

This year I said, "To heck with it." Grabbed the tree by the trunk and carried it straight up. Forced it through two doorways and into the back yard. No water on the carpet and only a few drops by the back door. A swiffer took care of that real quick.

They should give out prizes or something for a job well done.

Hey! I have an idea for next year. I'll trim all the branches off and leave the trunk for a coat rack.