Saturday, January 07, 2006

Man Denied Equal Rights!

Some one has to tell the political correct crowd that enough is enough. Exporting their nonsense to our British allies is a bit too much.
OK, here is the story. Some (unnamed) man in Great Britain has filed a complaint because a GP would not test him for cervical cancer. The man claims to be a hermaphrodite but doctors have found no evidence that this is true. Without a cervix it is a tad difficult to perform a pap smear test. They are dealing with a nut! (They should release this guy's name in the interest of public safety)

So what happens? - quote from Telegraph News - The complaint has caused doctors in the west country practice to spend hours in meetings and writing replies to the local primary care trust over the complaint which began two years ago - AND - "The refusal of one of the doctors to put Mr X on the recall list for cervical screening has resulted in a complaint and, as a result the doctor, practice manager and other practitioners have spent many hours, at the expense of the care of other patients, answering written inquiries.
He (Tim Terry, consultant in reconstructive urology, Leicester University Hospitals NHS Trust) said: "There are some people with ambiguous genitalia but I have not come across a man who was normal physically and fertile who was in this inter-sex group. My advice would be to refer the patient to a sexual dysfunction clinic."

A local primary care trust spokesman said: "We have received a complaint as you described and as required, under the NHS complaints procedure, we are investigating along with other complaints from the individual." - end quotes -

prying1 sez: What's the big deal? He wants a pap smear. Tie the man down and smear him all over with pap! Then slap a strait jacket on him. After that, fire the employees at the local primary care trust. - Scheesh! Who is nuttier? This obvious mental case or the idiots working in the local primary care trust.

Hat tip to Blue Star Chronicles - Who hat tips Mark in Mexico