Friday, March 10, 2006

TV Sports on Your Computer!

Paralympics Have Started

I mentioned a few days ago the Paralympics are being televised from Torino Italy. - I found out through an online friend whose son is a Paralympian on the U.S. sled-hockey team.

- Alexi Salamone -

Note the blade he is sitting on. Not only do the players have to whack the puck across the ice they have to do it while balancing the sled on that narrow blade

The paralympics have been running for 30 years now. I think it is amazing that we can watch the ceremony and sporting events through our computers. Narrowstep.TV is playing 100 hours of the events. - 10MAR06 to 19MAR06 -

Might need to use IE or get plug ins for Firefox...

Click here to view the Paralympics
or click on the title above.

To learn more about the Paralympics
Click here to check out their home page.

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