Saturday, April 08, 2006

Profanity In Blogging

Had a bit of time this morning to visit a few blogging friends this morning when I came across this line in Scotwise's Friday post: - Support bacteria, they're the only culture some people have.
DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT FRIDAY - A JOYFUL HEART. #21. - Some really good jokes mixed in with the groaners. -


This reminded me of a subject I had been meaning to blog about for quite a while. Hence the title: Profanity In Blogging.

Profanity in blogs does not endear most readers to the site.

I guess some people just enjoy writing words that they know others will find offensive. Perhaps they think it adds shock value. It may be that some don't even realize that others might find their explitives disagreeable. Perchance they are trying to drive away goody-two-shoe readers or hoping for comments from someone reviling them for their language so they can belittle the commenter in return. I'm certain some do it purposefully while others do not even think about it. The reasons could be near endless.

I have used expletives throughout my life. Most of the time I hear myself and don't appreciate the word I used. Once it is out however there is no taking it back. I've tried to limit my use of certain words because the last thing I want is to accidentally use one when around children or perhaps some lady from a church we do business with. Heaven forbit it be both! If I find one slips out around kids or ladies I do quickly apologize but...

Posting blogs is quite a bit different than speaking. The backspace key can quickly remove any words that might 'slip out'. The only way I will use a vulgarity in posting is if it is necessary for the posting's continuity or storyline but most often non-vulgar words can be used to get the same point across. In fact it can sometimes be a challenge to find a way to word a statement that makes it humorous as opposed to crass.

That is one reason I like to keep a window open with while I write. Not just the cuss words of course but any time I've found I've used a word too often I can type it into the thesaurus and come up with an alternative. I also might take a word that is in the entries given and run it through the search bar. I've used it for this post and am not too proud to admit it. It comes in handy and I heartily suggest it to others. It will only improve your writing.

I'm hoping that some of the bloggers that use gross and crude language in their postings will read and take at least a portion of this little sermon to heart. Often times I blog surf and come across sites whose offensive language just turns me off and I know others are turned off too. Some I place on 'block this site' and I'm sure others do too.

To those bloggers that use crudities I say, have a little consideration for your readers. Not everyone is pleased by what you write. You don't know when some child will come by and get an eyeful of execrable words that will later get their mouths washed out with soap.

Try going to the thesaurus linked above and type in your favorite dirty word. You might be delighted to find you can use substitute words that will give your readers a better impression of you and your work.

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