Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Finding The Hate Speech That Google Censors

Challenge to Lefties and Politically Correct Crowd: Find The Hate Speech...

I just finished reading some news articles that say Google 'News' crawlers have recently banned New Media Journal, MichNews.com and The Jawa Report" from the results they publish. Apparently these sites are no longer a Google News Resource because they are spouting "Hate Speech". Below is a link to a New Media Journal story that includes an email from Google explaining why they have removed them and gives links to 3 stories Google says contain hate speech. All 3 stories are related to the Muslum religion and terrorism.

Click here for the New Media Journal Story.

Frank Salvato, managing editor, contacted Google News when it was observed that the new opinion and news entries published for May 19, 2006 did not appear in any Google News or Google Search Engine query. He contacted Google Help and received this reply:

-----Original Message-----

From: Google Help [mailto:source-suggestions@google.com]
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 11:56 AM
To: NewMediaJournal.us
Subject: [#58423255] Google News

Hi Frank,

Thanks for writing. We received numerous reports about hate content on your site, and after reviewing these reports, decided to remove your site from Google News. We do not allow articles and sources expressly promoting hate speech viewpoints in Google News (although referencing hate speech for commentary and analysis is acceptable).

For example, a number of the complaints we looked at on your site were found to be hate content:


We hope this helps you understand our position.


The Google Team

Going through the articles all I could find was one reference to "dirty rag-towel wearing 'War Lords'" Unless you want to count lines like the following:
- quotes -
Story 1: I cannot open a paper or turn on the television without seeing mobs of Muslim savages celebrating in front of burning embassies, a school, a restaurant or those stupid tires they seem to think are so impressive to burn . And, don't you just love those scenes of men in black ski masks, racing through the streets, shooting guns in the air or standing behind some terrified captive getting ready to be-head him or her?

Story 2: Brave Muslim warriors would rather dress as women and blow themselves up killing fellow Muslims praying in a mosque than face an American soldier. Of course, that is not described as suicide by Muslims. Instead, it has been given the colorful label of 'martyrdom.' It is never explained by Islamic leaders how praying fellow Muslims in a mosque are a threat to Islam.

Story 3: It is due to Muhammad'’s way of life that Muslims act barbaric and run amuck and burn cars and Embassies each time someone draws a picture of the holy prophet. Behaviorally, the prophet of Allah hallmarks a cult. In other words, we cannot compare Islam to other religions because due to the prophets narcissistic manners, Islam falls in the category of a cult, not a religion. Yes, Islam is a cult founded by an Arab man from Mecca in Arabia, by the name of Mohammed, who lived from 570-632 A.D.. A huge problem is that cults are incredibly difficult to dismantle intellectually. The brainwashing is grandiose.
- end quotes -

Oh, There was this line too:

"Islam is killing people. Islam is killing non-Muslims and Muslims. Islam is killing old and young. Islam is killing Jews and Christians and Hindus. Islam is moving across the world like a dark, evil cloud. When will the free world realize that Islam is as Islam does?"

prying1 sez: I have to wonder (and I'm not the only one) if CAIR and the ACLU were behind the complaints and if Google is just bowing and groveling to their wishes. If so, where will it stop?

I will say that I do not think this is true censorship in the dictionary sense of the word. An editor spiking a story or the government coming in and threatening people to keep a story from being printed would be censorship. - For the government to come in and demand Google (a free enterprise) to list 'such and such a company' in their spider searches would be distasteful to say the least. The only thing I could agree to is that Google News users complain to the Google powers that be. Not enough people will care or even know about it to make a difference.

To quote Kurt Vonnegut Jr., "So it goes."

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