Sunday, May 28, 2006

Minutemen Are Building a Fence

To Stop Illegal Aliens

With private donations the Minutemen have gathered at a small Palominas, Arizona ranch to put up a fence. No thanks to the U.S. Senators (May they be defeated by the voters) that voted to build fences ONLY with Mexico's approval. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is installing fences of barbed wire, razor wire & steel rail barriers along a 10-mile length of private land in southeastern Arizona. Connie Hair, Minuteman spokeswoman said the original design will be changed per the rancher's request.

There will be two parallel 14-foot high, 150-feet-long steel mesh fences. About 10 miles of fortified range fencing, including five-strand barbed wire fortified with vertical steel rail posts, backed by coiled concertina wire and behind that, angled and crisscrossed steel rails embedded in concrete to act as vehicle barriers. The rails also will be designed to keep cattle from reaching the concertina wire.

They will finish in less than three weeks. The cost is estimated at $100,000. They have raised $380,000 for more fences.

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