Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Let's Steal the Elections Back

The Democrats in this country have nothing to offer their constituents so they seek votes in unsavory ways. - Tom Umberg of the California State Assembly is just one example of the truth to that statement. - Others can be seen in the following link to Gentle Cricket's blog post.

Quotes from Gentle Cricket's Blog:

Last month I wrote about AR2948 (What Constitution?, also at California Conservative), a bill written by Sen. Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana) in the California legislature that would undercut the Electoral process set forth in the constitution.
[AB2948] would ratify an interstate compact under which California's 55 Electoral College members would agree to support the winner of the national popular vote for President regardless of the outcome of the election in California" (San Francisco Examiner, 4/26/06)

What Umberg fails to understand (or chooses to ignore) is the very important role the electoral college plays in regards to balancing powers between states. Much the same way that the Federal Congress is composed of two Houses with very different numbers of members, the Electoral College plays a vital role ensuring that the interests and individuality of each state are not compromised. There was a distinct reason why the framers of our constitution did not call for a popular vote to determine the Presidency in the constitution

(Also included in the post is reference to Senators Hillary (Cattle Queen) Clinton (D-NY) and John (Christmas in Cambodia) Kerry (D-MA), the two front-runners for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination, proposing legislation that would give felons the right to vote.)

After reading Gentle Cricket's posting I sent the following Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger:

- 5-31-06 -
Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

This is an appeal from one Californian for you to veto AR2948 -

I found this in the Contra Costa Times:

quote - Assemblyman Tom Umberg, a Santa Ana Democrat who chairs the Assembly Election and Redistricting Committee, said the basic premise is understandable even to children.

"When you're in first grade, if the person who got the second-most votes became class leader, the kids would recognize that this is not a fair system," he said. - end quote -

Tom Umberg is disingenuous at best and devious at worst. The process of electing a class leader and the President of the United States are two different systems. - Apples and Oranges.

The current system has been working for generations and should not be tampered with by politicians who did not like the results of the last election.

I do know of two other Californians (One from Rosemead and the other from San Francisco) who are against this scheme that the duplicitous Tom Umberg has proposed - Their opinions can be found here. - -

It seems a shame that one party finds it moral to pull shenanigans like Tom Umberg's in order to win elections. I hope you will not fall into the immoral trap they have laid.

Please veto AB2948 - end letter -

prying1 sez: - This Compact proposed by Umberg is just part of the skulduggery Democrats are turning to. It seems a shame that some Democratic elected officials find it necessary to seek the votes of felonious criminals and Illegal Aliens in order to win elections. It seems a bigger shame that some people still vote for them.

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