Saturday, April 29, 2006

Digging Up the Mexican National Anthem

One of the things I heard concerning the new translation of the United States National Anthem is that a bit of liberty was taken in the new version.

This bit was found on KLTV 7
- quote -
The new version is sparking debate because it's not an exact translation. Some words have been changed for rhyming reasons, other phrases were changed to avoid war references. For example in the English version, "And the rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there", translates from the Spanish version to, "In the fierce combat, the sign of victory, the flame of battle in step with liberty through the night it was said it was being defended." - end quote -

...through the night IT "WAS SAID" IT WAS BEING DEFENDED??? - Politically Correct crapola!!! "Was said" sounds like the people were lying about it.

Well, being the prying1 that I am, I decided to check out the Mexican National Anthem and see what it read like in English. Here it is from (a reputable??? website) - (if you want the music playing as you read this click here)

Mexicans, at the cry of battle
prepare your swords and bridle;
and let the earth tremble at its center
at the roar of the cannon.

Oh fatherland
Your forehead shall be girded with olive garlands,
by the divine archangel of peace
For in heaven your eternal destiny
has been written by the hand of God.

But should a foreign enemy dale to
profane your land with his sole,
Think, beloved fatherland, that heaven
gave you a soldier in each son.

War, war without truce against who would attempt
to blemish the honor of the fatherland!

War, war! The patriotic banners
drench in waves
of blood.

War, war! On the mount, in the valley
The terrifying thunder of the cannon

And the echoes nobly
resound to the cries of

Fatherland, before your children

Become unarmed
Beneath the yoke their necks in sway,

And your countryside be watered with blood,
On blood their
feet trample.

And may your temples, palaces and towers
crumble in horrid
and ruins remain
The fatherland was made of one thousand heroes.

Fatherland, fatherland, your children swear
to exhale their breath in your cause,
If the bugle in its belligerent tone
should call upon them to struggle with bravery.

For you the olive garlands!

For them a memory of glory!

For you a laurel of victory!

For them a tomb of honor!

prying1 sez: I think this needs to be rewritten so it mentions drug lords being protected by federales as the country's leaders strip from the poor what little they have...

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