Friday, July 28, 2006

People in the U.S. supporting Terrorists

In case you've missed the news recently: One of the few democratic nations in the Middle East recently got tired of being attacked by terrorists and decided to do something about it. Israel is fighting a group of terrorists. If Israel were truly attacking Lebanon the whole country would be denuded by now. Some people have gotten upset as a result of Israel's protecting themselves. They want the victim in this news story, that is Israel, to sit down, admit they are the aggressors, shut up and keep taking hits from terrorists.

Listening to talk radio recently has become a real treat. People call in condemning Israel and claiming victimhood for a bonafide terrorist organization called Hezbollah.
When asked by the rightwing talkshow hosts, "Do you support Hezbollah?" callers will start blubbering about how many innocent Lebanese have been killed. Called back to the question by the host they then complain that Israel is using indiscriminate and excessive use of force against innocent civilians. Called back to the question they will cry about the plight of the poor pitiful Palestinians. Called back to the question they will snivel about Israel's over-reacting. When called back to the question they will talk about a proportional response.

Some have said that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. They must ignore history in order to say that because Hezbollah bombed the U.S. Marine barracks and the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.

It seems that very few of the callers on talk radio that want Israel to stop beating up on the terrorists will own up that they support the Terrorist organization Hezbollah. Very rarely is America treated to a real expose of liberals.

prying1 sez:
Idiots! Every one of them! Are they really so ignorant and blinded (most likely by "Bush Hatred") that they cannot see standing that their against Israel in this battle is to stand by a group of terrorists. As Bob Dillon sang during his Christian phase, "You gotta serve somebody!"

The blockheads that stand against Israel are supporting people that would slit their throats and post a video of it on the internet.

I do not think all of these dimwits are evil. Just wrong!


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