Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Real Answer to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Mary Mostert of Banner of Liberty dot com had an article concerning embryonic stem cell research published at The Conservative Voice. Her arguments in favor of federal funding of embryonic stem cell research seemed to be threefold. (Italics are my words)

1: "that human life requires and begins in a mother's nurturing womb." - (Sperm and an egg in a Petri dish do not count as life.)

2: "A critical aspect of being pro-life is helping the living. Helping those struggling with the challenges of debilitating diseases is exactly what embryonic stem-cell research promises." - (An appeal to emotionalism with a 'promise' that cannot be backed up with a 'promise' for reimbursement.")

3: Senator Orrin Hatch supports it. (Well that settles it!)

prying1 sez: Let's leave aside the religious/life aspects of the argument in this debate. - The people supporting federal funding of this issue could care less about it anyway. They either deny the embryo is alive or human or don't care if it is.

I have an argument that will not shut them up either because it seems that they could care less about anything except this pet project.

My comment to Mary Mostert at the Conservative Voice site is as follows:

It is not illegal for companies to process unclaimed embryos for their embryonic stem cell research. Let them do so on their dime!

What I see is another program set up by the government where 90% of the funds goes toward paying people that will be doing none of the research themselves but instead shuffling papers at taxpayer expense!

The private sector will be more streamlined, cost effective and more likely to get results if there are any to be had.

Start scooping taxpayer money at it and the people involved will only want more and more money. It will be like a very messy pie eating contest.

Those so anxious for embryonic stem cell research should find companies doing it and INVEST THEIR OWN HARD EARNED DOLLARS IN STOCKS.

That is the American way!
... P.S. ...
~~~~~Thank you President Bush for vetoing H.R. 810!~~~~~


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