Monday, July 10, 2006

A Prairie Apologist Speaks Out on North Korea and Kim Jong Il

Phil Dillon - Another Man's Meat had this neat little interview with himself concerning North Korea: Duck and Cover

I did a little one man Q&A a while ago, trying to make sense of it all. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Q. Is Kim Jong-il a madman?
A. Yes!

Q. Would he use nuclear or chemical weapons on South Korea, Japan, the United States, or any other enemy of the people?
A. Absolutely!

Q. Is he working the back channels with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Council of Guardians and the Assembly of Experts?
A. Yes!

Q. Do you think Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Council of Guardians, and the Council of Experts are fruitcakes?
A. Yes!

Q. Do you think they would use nuclear or chemical weapons against Israel, the United States, or any other enemy of the People?s Revolution?
A. Without a shadow of a doubt!

Q. Do you think that Kim and Mahmoud are in cahoots?
A, Of course they are!

Q. What can we do about it?
A. Not much.

Q. Are you insane? We?ve got to do something, don?t we?
A1. No, I?m just a guy in the lonely Flint Hills waiting for the sirens to sound.
A2. We should have done something a long time ago.

Q. What are the options?
A. They aren't pretty. We can add more sanctions and more North Koreans will starve to death. We can go to the United Nations and China will block any international effort to bring Kim to account this provocation and the daily atrocities he commits against his own population. We can take military action and the North Koreans will attack South Korea and Japan and thousands, possibly millions, will die. Or we can do nothing (the preferred option of talking heads) and wait for the inevitable attack from the two remaining points on the Axis of Evil.

Rosy scenarios, one and all, aren?t they? And Joe Biden is basically telling us to go back to sleep. Thanks Joe! And, thanks to the Democratic Party of my youth. Thanks to them, and Jimmy Carter in particular, we've now got ourselves stuck in the tar pit.

It?s all eerily reminiscent of the fifties and "duck and cover." The only thing missing is Bert the Turtle. But I suspect as this all unfolds he'll soon be coming back into fashion.

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