Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Regarding the Blasts in India and the Events in Israel

I'm linking the two stories. Both the Blasts in India and the attacks and kidnappings in Israel. Both were committed by terrorists and whether the groups responsible are related in any way, shape or form is besides the point. There evidently are links between the groups but in the main idea I'd like to present that does not matter.

The point is:


The War on Terrorism is a worldwide conflict. It does not matter where a person lives, what their politics, religion, age, gender, or even if they pity the terrorists because they were mistreated as children. None of that matters. What does matter is that everyone in the world who cares about people is involved whether they like it or not. If the next victim is not you, it may be a friend, neighbor, brother or sister that is next on the hit list.

There are people in this world willing to murder anyone that is on a bus, train, in a store, at a school, in a pizza parlor or just walking down the street. Just look to the news of the past few days/months/years and you will see the truth of this.

If the ideals of the Muslim Terrorists were simply to drive Israel into the sea then why India? If it is because of the United States invading Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein then why Israel? If people are being murdered because of Kashmir, the disputed land between India and Pakistan, then why Baghdad?

The terrorists are not murdering people just because they have nothing better to do and it is not a single reason that drives them. The same should apply to those who are good people and don't appreciate innocents being blown up. There should not be one single reason to stop the good people of this world from taking a stand against such "anti-social" behavior.

The same is true that there should not be a single reason to have good people put up blockades to stop terrorism.

There has been a movement by good (but misguided) people that has done just that. The NSA and Swift Programs have been badly damaged through their change from classified status to front page status. Both programs were designed to stop terrorism and both were effective. Will more classified programs like them be damaged in a similar fashion? There will be if there is not an attitude change amongst some of those amidst us.

In order to alleviate the guilt it was proclaimed that both programs were stomping all over the privacy rights of people but in reality both programs had safeguards to prevent that from happening. It was said that the terrorists already knew we were tracking their money but they DID NOT KNOW the extent and effectiveness. Both programs were effective and the single reason they were revealed was "Hate Bush!"

The "Hate Bush" crowd needs to realize that, as I said before, this is not. "Bush's War". Nobody wants to trample your rights. There is no big conspiracy to throw liberals into gulags. The conservative right is not the process of building up a Theocracy and if we are patient the troops will be brought out of Iraq and Iraq will govern itself. All in good time and not by a schedule that will give aid and comfort to criminals. Just as Germany and Japan after WWII were built up and released to run their own governments the same is the plan for Iraq.

This is really an entreaty for those in the "Hate Bush" camp to take a look around and realize that there is a global war by terrorists against innocents. Do you really want all good men to sit back and let them have their way? Please set aside the "Hate Bush" point of view for a little bit. At least that part that gives aid and comfort to terrorists. Education, social programs, domestic issues can and should be fair game, debated and voted upon. Run with your point of view on those issues but when it comes to revealing classified information that has the possibility of capturing murderers please back off.

Let the MSM know that running classified information as a means of selling papers is not acceptable.


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