Thursday, August 17, 2006

blogger dot com Sign In Problems

I've had problems signing in to recently due to their addition of Instructions for fixing it were readily available but since I'm the kind of guy that likes to put things together without the instructions, take it back apart and then do it right with the instructions it took me a while to read the 'fix'. For those of you in the same fix and having troubles signing in I present the instructions here:

1.) Look at the top of the blogger page and if it says BETA then sign out.

2.) Go to:

3.) Sign in there with your BLOGGER name (not gmail address) and with the BLOGGER password (not gmail password)

4.) Look at top of page and see if the word beta appears repeat step one, two, and three.

5. Continue until bedtime...

6. Dream that it fixed itself and you write the post of all posts!


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