Wednesday, August 16, 2006

In Answer To An atheist

An 'atheist' (I gather from his posting) put forth the proposition that God is not. I answered with this:

What you or I think about the matter, what science says about a creator that lives outside of space and time as we know it does not matter. Either God is or isn't.

What we think of gods and fairies from eras past does not enter into the argument. It still comes down to either God is or he isn't.

Because you have never met Him (it takes faith) means you are speaking from inexperience. I have met Him so I speak from experience. Which counts for more points in being correct?

Experience of course.

But then you will argue that I (and every other Christian) is deluded, hallucinating, a hoaxter or a liar.

That still leaves you inexperienced while I, right or wrong will still be standing on what I have experienced.

Good luck standing on nothing...


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