Monday, August 14, 2006

Comment To a Lefty

I get started in the morn visiting a few sites and next thing you know I'm out of time to post on my own. - Well, here is a comment I left on Senor Peer's Huffington Compost. A posting he had of a poignant cartoon had brought a lefty to his site. I don't know why lefties quit commenting on my blog so I have to go hunt them down on other peoples sites. - Anyway here is my comment and I think it apropos for many lefties.

There are whack jobs of all stripes as Joe has shown. BUT (there is the big but) Joe, you should re-read what you have posted.

Your emotions concerning Bush have put you close to the edge. George Bush is not the enemy. George Bush did not have explosives put into the twin towers. The Moon walk was not staged in Hollywood and Area 51 is not controlled by extraterrestrial.

If you are going to be angry then you should direct it at those Islamofacists that want to take away your freedoms by causing the precautions to be taken.

The terrorists are your enemies. Not some guy in govt. that is datamining phone numbers looking for terrorists. Not some bookkeeper that is going through financial records looking for terrorists. Not the FBI or the CIA or Cheney or Bush!

The terrorists want YOU dead or converted to their religion.

Which would you choose if it came down to it? Would you convert or die?!

Or would you prefer they die first?


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