Friday, September 15, 2006

URB is the Word!

How often do you get to watch as a brand new word is sprung upon an unsuspecting world? Even less often do you get to see a whole new language emerge. Of course along with this is a completely new line of products to spruce up your wardrobe and wonderfully enhanced coffee mugs to give a new uplift to your caffeine consumption.

It is all happening at David W. Boles' Urban Semiotic - Your one
stop blogging center for fun, insight and intelligence. (Disclaimer: If
at any point you find you cease to have fun, disagree with David's
insight and question his intelligence take it up with him. I refuse to
enter into familial arguments.)

Here is what happened.

Yesterday David wrote an article on the word Sha!

Goffman-esque Response Cries: Is Sha! the New Duh?

David says, "Sha! - is not a word, I only learned how to spell it by watching it appear on blogs - and it appears to be an emotional utterance, or more formally: "A Response Cry"


Here's what I've discovered about Sha!'s common utterances when I hear it used on the street:

"Are you dating my Boo?"

"Uh, Sha!"

The "Sha!-er's" head is usually cocked to one side when uttering the cry.

I've also heard it used this way, too:

"I never liked you!"

"Sha! huh!"

On blogs - usually written by pre-teens and older people who know better - "Sha!" loses some of its urgent street creed when it becomes an internal thought outwardly expressed...

In the posting he questioned what new word would come along to replace "Sha!" which is replacing "Duh!".

Then the comments started.

It was suggested that the...

Well, here is the comment as originally posted by yours truly, prying1:
Perhaps the next bit of slang will be, "Urb".

Short for '' and meaning, "A really great blog with highly intelligent posts."

This bit of sucking up was taken by the bloghost and turned into a movement. David has refined the definition to be: "URB indicates insight and intelligence found on the Urban Semiotic blog!"

For more information I suggest you visit David Boles' Urban Semiotics -
URB is the Word!

At this point URB on Google Search has 11,100,000 hits - Most are repetition links to some jerks that mis-used the word URB
but have not taken it to it's full potential... How soon before David's
blog hits #1 on the
Google hit list???


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