Sunday, September 10, 2006

You CAN Blogpost For 9-11 Victims!

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A good friend, Cary Cartter, has posted about the 2996 project and at first I ignored it.

I don't know anyone who died that day although I do know people that know people that died. How could I post about someone I don't know anything about? I did feel a twinge of guilt over not joining in. After all my friend Cary said I should in his post. Here is someone I trust telling me I should do something that I don't want to do. I hate that.

Well, I finally clicked on the button he provided to see what would be expected of me. Lo and behold it is all set up nice and easy and just waiting for me to put my name in the hopper. Resources are set up so either a name available is chosen or 'quickpicked' (I got the 'quickpick') and from there a Resource Page is presented with the name filled in and ready to click on.

The "I don't know any of these people" excuse was demolished by the organizers of this project.

Now it is up to bloggers worldwide to join in. On Sept 11, 2006 there will be 2996 bloggers posting about a victim of 9-11. Anyone blogsurfing on that day will be reminded that innocents died, heroes died and the guilty died.

Click the button below and join in!

Update - I was sort of rushed this morn when I first posted this and I wanted to add:

There is still a need for people to blog about victims on that day we all remember so well. as of the time of posting this update there are 1376 volunteers who have chosen or recieved a name. Please join it and make this 9-11 remembrance really come home for people. Yourself included.

This is not a political or border issue. Anyone, no matter the politics and from any country, can join in. This is not about the current situations in various countries or how we feel about them. This is not about our persoanl blogs and promoting ourselves. It is about a tribute to those who prematurely went to their graves.

Please give a bit of your time and talent for this project. I'm sold on it and I'm certain you will be too.


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