Thursday, October 19, 2006

Iraq Divided into Two States -

- On Paper & In Bent Minds Only!

Over at Talisman Gate is a posting entitled, Al-Qaeda Declares Government, Islamic State in Iraq"

Some Quotes:

The "Official Spokesman" of the "Ministry of Information" of the "Islamic State of Iraq" has kindly informed the world, through a new Shura Council of the Mujaheddin video released on the internet today, that Iraq is now divided into two.
The "Official Spokesman" declared that the territory that the jihadists currently control in Iraq is roughly equal to the territory of the state of Medina founded by the Prophet Muhammad during the early days of the Islamic call, and that it finds itself under similar internal as well as external threats.
The new head of state is someone called "Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi" - a name previously unheard of.
Kofi Anan immediately extended diplomatic accreditation to the Islamic State of Iraq.

Nibras Kazimi The brains behind Talisman Gate did immediately let on that the last line was a joke. Not a "Farfetched" one though.

Then we have Mohammed, blogger of "Iraq the Model", posting with the title, " Me in the new Islamic State!"

Both Nibras and Mohammed agree that the entire "Declaration" is nothing more than last gasps of al-Qaeda.

Mohammed said, "To me it looks like the position of al-Qaeda has gotten so bad after the heavy blows it received at the hands of our liberators in the MNF and our brave brothers in our army and the patriots who rejected al-Qaeda and its agenda."


"But we are still here, at least the majority of us are,
Our liberators and allies are still here,
The voters are still here and the elected are still here."


prying1 sez: Now is not the time to back out of Iraq! Vote for Republicans and not "Cut and Run Democrats" who would only allow groups like al-Qaeda to gain strength.


Hat Tip to AubreyJ

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