Saturday, October 21, 2006

Moonbats Rising

I finally got some free time today to blogsurf my personal blogroll. Looks like it is going to take while because I've not been visiting my friends as much as I would like. Taking a while to catch up on some of them...

Stopped by Huffington Compost and found he was under attack by liberals on one of his postings.

The one line he posted, "G> No terrorist attacks on US soil" drew these remarks from his commentors.

- quote: -
"A draft is coming because we are going to war with Iran."


"No terrorists brought war to us, Terrorists performed a single act of terrorism, which we then, like base simians, attack the weakest guy available to make ourselves look tough. Nice huh? America, World Bully. So, if we've been under attack by terrorists for over 15 years, why is it that when Clinton tried to do something about it, the Republicans kept shouting about "wag the dog" and trying to distract america from his marital and extra-marital affairs? Could it be that politics is your only real worry, and that american safety means nothing?

- end quotes -

prying1 sez: I'll ignore the lower case 'america" and say: "A SINGLE ACT OF TERRORISM"??? - Then the commentor admits that "Clinton tried to do something about it"??? - These people just will not admit that evil people have been killing, want to continue killing and will continue killing innocents around the world. The Moonbats will not understand that WE ARE AT WAR!

Cole, U.S. Embassies (remember the one during Carter's administration?), World Trade Center (hit twice not once), not to mention that more nations on this planet have been hit by terrorists than not!

Moonbats are going to be voting for Democrats in the upcoming elections. Osama bin Laden and the terrorists would love to vote for Democrats and Democrats would accept their votes. For all we know they might have fistfuls of absentee ballots and Democrats would love it if they did. As long as they get their power back!!! - Hate Bush is all they have this election cycle...

Don't help the Moonbats and terrorists get their way!Vote Republican or stay home!

Democrats cannot be trusted to take the war on terrorism seriously! They do take the Moonbats seriously. We saw that when Michael Moore was seated next to Jimmy Carter!


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