Sunday, October 15, 2006

Election Day Commercials

prying1 sez:

I was watching TV last night and caught a commercial for one of the state propositions coming up on the California ballot. It was meaningless except to drum in the VOTE NO, VOTE NO, VOTE NO...

The groups joined together and announced as having paid for the commercial are recent coalitions of fine upstanding citizens that nobody knows anything about. Are they pro-union? Anti-union? Pro-abortion? Anti-abortion? In favor of higher taxes? against higher taxes? Pro big government? Against big government?

- Is what they were saying true or designed to deceive??? -

NOWHERE in the commercial did it say what the proposition was actually for.

Do your state a favor and spend an hour or so checking out the actual ballot information you receive. Go online and find the info first hand at your state's own website. Find the info through search engines - OR - Some of the political bloggers you trust. Email them with any questions and I bet most would be happy to give their opinion or links to sites they know about. They certainly do it on their blogs everyday.

If you can't make the time to check out who or what it is exactly you are voting for do the rest of the counttry a favor and stay home on election day. Let those who get informed do the voting for you and just hope the majority are not the Michael Moore Moonbats...


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