Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby Bell Has Arrived!

Still Needs Prayer

For those who noticed on my sidebar the request for prayers for Baby Bell Please keep them coming. (Click here to see sidebar posting) I recieved the following email from Rick Bell:

Marybeth was delivered on March 27 at 1:00 in the afternoon- she was 6 lbs and 2.9 oz.

This was three and a half weeks early, but the timing was perfect. We had just managed to get everything in order last weekend. On Monday, the day before, Jennifer was having her weekly checkup to detect any possible problems from the Rh issue. The levels looked a little too high, but at this stage the readings are not very reliable. So she was told they would check again on Thursday, and if it read the same, they would have to make some decisions.

Jennifer did not want to be induced, nor did she want a cordocentesis. So this presented something of a possible dilemma. She prayed to the Lord that she wouldn't have to be induced.

Dilemma solved. At 3:15 the next morning, her water broke! We dropped the boys off at a friend's and went to the hospital. There were no complications and it was a completely natural and unmedicated birth. It could not have gone better!

The Rh issue was never an issue!

But the heart problem is still there.
It looks like we are going to have to have surgery on Friday, sometime between 11:00 am and 2:00pm. We were praying that she would not need this first surgery, but "Not my will but thine be done..."
The upside is that she looks great all around, healthy and strong (not to mention beautiful!). She'll be able to make it through. Pray that her parents would too!

Some of you had told us that our daughter would be born just fine and without problems. SHE WAS. We are thankful and greatly encouraged. The heart problem is different, though. We have to go through this. The Lord will be there. Thanks for helping to pray us through.

Rick and his wife are wonderful people and their reaction to this time of difficulty shows how much comfort and peace of heart one gets from the Christian walk. - Keep them and Baby Marybeth Bell in your prayers.
Update: Praising God that Marybeth's first surgery went fine and she seems to be
doing very well. Thanks for the many emails and of course for the
prayers. Now she just has to hold up well and adjust and recover.

In Jesus,

Here is a link to the Bamboo Bell and a bit more info in Rick's own words. -


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