Tuesday, January 11, 2005

For Seth

This poem was written by a wonderful lady whose faith is apparent in her emails. That doesn't mean we don't have to lift her and her family up in prayer. It would be a good thing if throughout your day and as it comes to your memory to say a quick, "Lord, protect them." for all the service men helping to bring freedom and democracy to this troubled world.

The Weavers like countless other families have a son in Iraq. After Rusty's recent departure Debbie wrote this poem.


Now Big Guy you dry those tears

Take my hand and share your fears.

I’m going back--that makes you sad?

Well, come real close, listen to dad:

You know I’d rather stay home with you

But dad’s a soldier with things to do.

I’ll think of you and make some plans

While I work in desert sands;

When my duty is done at last

I’m coming home to you real fast.

So go to school, learn and play

And patiently await my homecoming day.

Love, Dad