Tuesday, January 11, 2005

- Truth or ??? -

In starting my first post to my new blog I find a lot of stuff in my head wants to come out all at once. One word however comes to the forefront and might be found to be a recurring theme throughout my blogs.


As I have visited other blogs I have found that the majority of those who post are concerned with accuracy in what they post. When giving opinions they state so. When reporting on news they provide links. When they discover they erred, without hesitation, they fess up and offer corrections.

I believe this is because a lot of bloggers are concerned with and for the truth. The funny thing about truth is the adjectives that can go with it. Immutable is one that comes to mind. If I tell you something, ie... "The sky is blue.", and you take me outdoors and show me a grey overcast day I find I did not tell you a truth. I must modify my statement, "The sky is usually or sometimes blue." If I chose to remain adamant and make excuses I appear to be a fool.

I cannot claim to tell you a truth one day and then, say a week later, come up to you and tell you I have a greater truth that supercedes lasts weeks truth and now makes it null and void. Last weeks 'truth' never was true or perhaps this weeks 'truth' is really flawed. If conflicting, either one or the other is really true and therefore conforms to facts and reality.

One problem I have with the (unchangable) truth is sometimes I do not like it. I might prefer to ignore it but it in no way ceases to be the truth because of my attitude or wishes. So it goes.

Protogoras, the fifth century B.C. greek Philosopher, maintained that all is illusion, and that there is no such thing as truth. But Aristotle refuted him by the following dilemma: "Your proposition is true or false: if it is false then you are answered: if true, then there is something true, and your proposition fails."