Friday, January 14, 2005

Gotta wonder what CBS is thinking?

What in the world are they thinking of over at CBS? Re: CBS network's "independent" panel report a couple days ago says there was NO Political Bias... (imagine a rolling on floor laughing smiley face here)

I'm guessing that the execs. over there were pumping mescaline spores through the air conditioning.
Psychedelic drugs must have been in use. How else could they not see they needed to admit the papers were forged and dump Dan Rather to regain any credibility with their dwindling audience.

I would have loved to have seen them dig out the truth of WHO forged Killian's signature. They have the story right there and won't go for it? Could it be that they REALLY KNEW the memos were produced on a modern computer and went ahead with the circus show anyway?

Even I don't think they could/would be that stupid, BUT..... I still wonder...

Hallucinations abounded if they thought any right minded truth seeker would be fooled by the whitewash of this report.... A slimy pit of vipers says this citizen.

Advertisement: Wanted: semi-energetic young person to stand in front of a camera and read what we tell you to. No experience necessary. Lack of conscience a plus. Contact any Major Network News Room. Conservative Bloggers need not apply...