Thursday, January 20, 2005

What changes should CBS make?

On yesterday's Hugh Hewitt show 1-19-05 Hugh had callers tell CBS what it would take to win them as customers. There were a lot of great calls as usual because Hugh has the smartest audience out there. (I know, I am one!) Of all the calls, some funny, some serious, not one that I heard (I did miss some) was directed at what I feel to be the real problem. That is, the writers.

The talking heads, and everyone knows they are reading off a teleprompter, are just fluff. Very few care what the face looks like.

The leading paragraphs of a U.S. News Articlestates:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - CBS plans to radically overhaul its evening news program, and likely abandon a single- anchor format, after a blue ribbon panel savaged the network's handling of a controversial story about President Bush's military service, the head of CBS said on Tuesday.
Leslie Moonves, chairman of CBS and co-president of its parent company Viacom Inc., told a meeting of television critics that the network's flagship broadcast, the "CBS Evening News," would be revamped once veteran anchor Dan Rather leaves in March after nearly 25 years in the job.

-----My opinion-----

1.) Why wait? You are loosing money here Leslie!

2.) Stop defending any and all Democrats! Hold their feet to the fire and demand that lying politicians of ANY party be ousted or not elected. This would only help the party and this country. Your behavior and lack of reporting the truth with John Kerry's bid for the office was disgusting.

3.) Tell us the news. CBS should be on top of things not reacting to bloggers. Send some people out there and uncover the graft in government. (I'm sure there is some) Get some investigations going on drugs and payola in the prison system. Search for and help break the backs of the terrorist cells in the U.S.. Need I go on?

4.) Replace the news writers with people of integrity. The current batch loves to use nice qualifying adjectives for the left and demeaning adjectives for those on the right. Pro choice sounds so much sweeter than pro abortion and anti abortion sounds more harsh than pro life. The same goes for the gun issue and on and on.

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for the U.S. News link.