Sunday, January 16, 2005

To What Purpose?

Must be really sad to have no purpose in life. Unless you want to believe that fighting against God is a purpose.

On Jan. 14th 2005 Michael Newdow, professed atheist and sometime lawyer lost a round in his battle/request for an injunction to stop clergy-led prayer at next week's (Jan 20th, 2005) presidential inauguration. He tried the same trick in 2001.

Let me get this straight. Mr. Newdow does not believe there is a God. Since he believes there is no God then he must think that that which Christians believe in is nothing. Since he thinks God is nothing he is fighting against nothing and a persons right to talk (pray) to nothing. Since people who wander around and talk to nothing are considered insane he is really fighting against insanity. His real reason for being is that he is a frustrated shrink. I guess he is trying to use the law to heal the mental aberrations of Christians.... I hope that makes sense. Did I just prove his point?

Perhaps the real case of insanity he should fight against is his own. How anyone could look at the universe and not see that an engineering feat beyond the scope of our imaginations has taken place is beyond me. From the atoms to the galaxies and all points in between we see design. Not chaos as there would be if it were chance.

"When a man is opposed to Christianity, it is because Christianity is opposed to him. Your infidel is usually a person who resents of Christianity to that in his nature and life which Jesus came to rebuke and destroy. -Robert Hall (1764-1831)-