Thursday, January 20, 2005

Where has Kerry been hiding?

I have to wonder where John Kerry has been for the last few years. He seems to know nothing about what is going on in this country. More specifically about the politics of the last 4 years.

``I'm very concerned about the policies of the last four years and her (Rice's) role in those policies,'' Kerry said during a break in confirmation hearings for the secretary of state nominee.
- Well Mr. Kerry I'm very concerned and wondering if you have been paying attention at all during the last 4 years. Condoleeza Rice has been National Security Adviser to President Bush - Her role = Advising the president on security matters. -

``This is about judgment and choices that have been made, and I want to explore them,'' he added.
- You should first examine your own judgment for basing your life's work on having your memory seared when you spent Christmas in Cambodia.

Above Kerry Quotes from:
Boston Herald

Next Quote thanks to Radio Blogger

So in my judgment, this is not a question of ratifying a life story as much as it is a judgment that we make about the direction of our nation, the security of our country, and the choices that have been made, the judgments that have over the last years...
- Your judgment Mr. Kerry is not needed. Thank you very little. The judgment was made by the American people and Thank the Living God George Bush was inaugurated today. - Congratulations Mr. Bush!!!