Sunday, February 27, 2005

My Partial Definition of Homosexual Agenda

By 'agenda' I personally mean quite a bit. Too much to be covered here but a couple things I see are:
Convincing the world that anyone who says anything against the homosexual lifestyle is filled with hate or fear. This is so 'close minded' (something the left rails against) and does not allow for those that disagree with the lifestyle any room for any other heartfelt reasons. Be it moral, health, political or whatever.

That and allowing 'extra rights' for those who claim to be homosexual. (I say this because ANY individual can switch overnight and claim to be Homo, Bi or heterosexual and who can say they are not? It is not the same as a black man bleaching himself white and claiming to be white.) As it stands now every person in this country has the same rights. A crime is committed against a homosexual the criminal should go to jail. A crime is committed against a heterosexual the criminal should go to jail.

Someone, anyone, can marry a person of the opposite sex!

I hear the claim that, "I can't marry the one I love!" "Love", by the common definition of a nice feeling, is tenuous at best. A breeze comes and it blows away. "True Love" is really a decision. A decision to stick through it all through thick or thin. Government using the term marriage is not necessary. Civil Unions and legal contracts can cover the rest. If one of the pair decides it is not worth it, the relationship is broken. Hence divorce. No matter the sexual orientation. We are working with people here. Both sides (of any pair) have a lot of self centeredness that must be overcome to make it work. What I see with the same sex marriage agenda is the desire of socialistic activists to change word definitions to the point where they are meaningless in a court of law and the homosexual community is simply a tool they are using. (Give me a tin foil hat. It is a conspiracy theory for which I have no proof... Except current history...)

If those in the homosexual community really are honest they will see where the extra rights agenda is taking them.

Hate Crimes for example. Someone bips anyone over the head with a stick that person should go to jail. I could care less whether the victim of a crime is black or white, homosexual or straight. Whether the criminal is black or white, homosexual or straight doesn't matter. The criminal should be PUNISHED to the full extent of the law. Do we really believe we can crawl into a persons mind and see if they committed the crime with hate in their thoughts. Who cares if it was hate, or lust or jealousy? They committed a crime they should be punished. I could go on but enough is here to get people mad at me. To quote K. V. Jr., "So it goes."