Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Schiavo Parents Seek Divorce for Daughter

Yahoo News has an article showing how Terri Schiavo's parents are working hard to throw any stumbling block they can in the path of Michael Schiavo. Of the 11 motions filed by Bob and Mary Schindler this one seems to be the most unlikely to work.

Terri Schiavo's parents asked a judge Monday to allow the severely brain-damaged woman to divorce her husband, accusing him of adultery and not acting in his wife's best interests.
The Schindlers' attorney, David Gibbs, said Greer (Pinellas Circuit Court Judge George Greer) had indicated he will not hear the divorce request and five of the other motions filed Monday, but that only means that the matters are now on their way to being appealed.
Appearing at a rally in Jacksonville, the Schindlers called on Gov. Jeb Bush to look into the circumstances that led to their daughter's 1990 collapse and asked Attorney General Charlie Crist to investigate whether Terri Schiavo's civil rights have been violated.

"We have filed divorce proceedings because of (Michael Schiavo's) total disregard for Terri as his wife," Bob Schindler said. "He is married to Terri, but he is living with another woman and he has two children by her. It has become quite obvious that his priorities are not in Terri's best interest."

"Remaining married to him is an embarrassment," Gibbs said.
Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, called the new motions little more than an attempt to clog the case with further delays. Felos has said even if Michael Schiavo were to divorce his wife, any new guardian would be obligated to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube because the court has ruled it is her wish not to be kept alive artificially.

"I think everyone knows the parents are going to try anything, including throwing in the kitchen sink, to frustrate the court's final judgment and Terri's wishes," Felos said.

Other motions by the Schindlers ask that some news reporters be allowed to see Terri Schiavo's interactions with her parents, since they contend she responds to them; that they be allowed to take pictures with her before she dies and that those photographs not become Michael Schiavo's property, as a current court order now requires; that she be allowed to die at home; and that they be allowed to bury her rather than the cremation her husband has planned.

Problem is Terri's husband has the power of attorney and his parents do not have the legal right to file for their non-vegetative/responsive daughter's divorce. It will help delay things as appeals are filed.

This Michael Schiavos is a real gem. I wonder what his current girlfriend thinks about him wanting to euthanize his wife? Seems to me that would be a big clue about what to expect from him later in life.

Pray Concerning this and please email your friends to pray about this. - A simple prayer, "Lord, please touch Terri and put your Holy Spirit in this situation."