Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Kaleobill Gives Lesson on Honesty

"Tough Morning" is what Bill Streger called his post but I think it could well be called "Getting Real" - Short story of how his day went at a tough school and the lesson he took home with him. It is nice when at the end of the day there is a bit of personal growth and self improvement.
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Today I got a reminder that not everyone hides their sin. Not everyone recognizes their sin. But to find a balance where we stop hiding our sin but recognize it and repent of it - that would be biblical. I was talking with a friend this past week who was frustrated that everyone always seems to "have it all together." We come on Sunday mornings to worship, and it seems that everyone is happy and that everyone is perfect. Key word: seems.

What would it look like if we stopped pretending, and took a lesson in honesty from the students I met this morning? Not that we would flaunt our sin as many of them did, but that we would be honest enough to "confess our sin to one another that we might be healed". That we would be vulnerable enough to admit that we don't have it all together and that we do struggle, fall down, and hurt.

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The kids he spoke to need a lot of prayer. While we are getting Bill's lesson into our heads and hearts lets not forget them. Lift them up in prayer even if it is just a quick, "Lord, put your Holy Spirit into their lives. Amen."