Thursday, March 03, 2005

L.A. Times Gives North Korea a Boost!

For years I have been disgusted and critical of the L.A. Times. This time they have gone over the edge. (Like they haven't gone over the edge before.)It is really different this time. The slander against Arnold, lies about Bruce Hershenson, continual socialist Op-Ed in front page news stories pale in comparison with this tool they have handed the North Korean government.

This time. Front page puff piece on North Korea. Barbara Demick, the Times' bureau chief in South Korea apparently met a North Korean 'businessman' (read communist agent) in Bejing, China and interviewed him. John Carroll, editor and executive vice president of the Los Angeles Times saw fit to allow this agent to spew his lies unaltered and unchallenged on the front page. Now the North Korean government has a wonderful piece of propaganda to hold up and claim they are really nice people and the U.S. is the bad guy.

Hugh Hewitt today devoted his entire 3 hour show to this article. Many callers gave testimony of calling the Times and canceling their subscription. I personally called and got as far as John Carrolls office and told his underling he should call Hewitt to defend himself. The lady I spoke with was not happy to hear Hewitts name. "Thanks", was all she said in a voice "dripping with darkness". (see Spongebob post)...

Some quotes from the Times article: (italics are my comments)
The North Koreans said they were keenly attentive to the language used by Bush administration officials in regard to their country. They were relieved that in this year's State of the Union address the president didn't again characterize North Korea as part of an "axis of evil," as he did in 2002. But they were greatly offended that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called North Korea an "outpost of tyranny" during her confirmation hearings. Good for her!

"We were hoping for change from the U.S. administration. We expected some clear-cut positive change," the North Korean said. "Instead, Condoleezza Rice immediately committed the mistake of calling us an outpost of tyranny. North Koreans are most sensitive when they hear that kind of remark." Why? Because it is true?

He believes that Americans have the wrongheaded notion that North Koreas are unhappy with the system of government under Kim Jong Il. "We Asians are traditional people," he said. "We prefer to have a benevolent father leader." One who treats his children with loving discipline maybe? discipline like this!

But he faulted the United States for the collapse of a 1994 pact under which North Korea was supposed to get energy assistance in return for freezing its nuclear program. The agreement fell apart after Washington accused North Korea in 2002 of cheating on the deal, and the U.S. and its allies suspended deliveries of fuel oil. ACCUSED North Korea in 2002 of cheating on the deal? They were taking U.S. help and building a BOMB for God's sake!

The North Korean criticized some Japanese politicians' efforts to link the nuclear talks to the question of Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea in the 1970s and 1980s. They kidnapped Japanese citizens and used them for training operatives (read spies) to infiltrate Japanese society. Then killed them when they were finished with them or of no use anymore.

The article goes on with pap that can only be of use for propaganda. Please check Hugh Hewitts site for more links. Write to to quit and move to North Korea so he can give us first hand articles on how wonderful it is there.

Anyone have a email address for Dennis J. Fitzsimons - the head of the Tribune? Please post in comments.

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Friday 3-04-05 Update: Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt for Link to More L.A. Times Garbage on N. Korea. - Dump Carroll -