Saturday, March 12, 2005

BluBucs Ticket Blog Seeking Blog Writers

It seems that BluBucs has gone out of business. I get quite a few stopping by here looking for them. If you have ANY info at all concerning them please leave a comment for posterity and the next person to come along looking for them.

Update # 2! (12-28-05) - Whoo Hoo! I guess they are back in business!
try this link for BLUBUCSTICKETS Blog


BluBucs Ticket Blog Seeking Blog Writers - Check this out if you might be interested.

First, we are seeking 15-20 people who would be interested in writing for our blog. If you like to write and are interested in music, sports, theatre, Broadway, ballet, dance, movies or just about anything involving entertainment please let us know.
Second, if you are frequent reader, we are asking for donations. Why? Simple, there are a several companies that are charging people a monthly fee of $15-$20 to join a club where they can get Presale Passwords, the exact same passwords our readers get for free!

Check it out if anything on the list of subjects interests you.