Friday, March 11, 2005

Dennis Praeger asks, "How's your body?"

Perhaps the title is a bit misleading. Dennis did not actually ask the question. Dennis Praeger made an interesting point concerning abortion. He asked how many people ask pregnant women, "How's your body?"

The point being that when it comes to their desire to rip babies from their mother's womb the abortion crowd will say it is the woman's body, she can do what she wants with it. When it comes to meeting the same woman on the street do they ask, "How's your body?" Of course not. They will ask, "How is the baby?" They recognise naturally that it is more than her body that is within her. It is something extra.

Hence the word 'tissue' is used.

Try asking any woman with child, "How is your tissue today?" Ask any of the 'kill the baby' crowd if they talk this way. Just one more way the liberal left tries to be deceitful. Funny thing is, (not ha, ha funny - pitiful kind of funny) they are the only ones deceived! Or are they?