Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Why Won't They Even Try to Hope?

I have been perusing the lefty blogs this evening and have come to the conclusion that those on the left are miserable people without hope and their purpose in life is dissolving before their eyes.

Good things are happening in this world. I'm not saying that bad things are not happening but good things are. The lefty blogs I went through were replete with doom and gloom, hate for Bush, hopelessness and what seemed a desire for the U.S. to fail in it's objectives to bring peace, democracy and freedom to countries long held by tyrannical dictators.

I cannot understand the mindset that demands U.S. constitutional rights for murderous thugs that are not U.S. citizens.

I cannot understand the thought process that believes nothing good has come from the events in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I cannot understand the mental contortions it must take to believe that EVERYTHING George Bush has done is to put money in the pockets of his corporate buddies.

I'm disgusted by those that want to make the world believe that those brave soldiers who have died to set Iraq free died for nothing.

And most of all I cannot understand how anyone can block from their mind the images of 9-11 or if they do remember 9-11 how they can twist the facts and blame George Bush for the destruction of innocent people on that day.

These people need lots of prayer...