Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Terri Schiavo - Truth Be Told!!!

JB Williams has posted his feelings about Terri Schiavo and so eloquently states that which is in my heart and I'm sure the heart of many others. Want to know what to think about what is going on in her life. - Click here!

- Quote from JB Williams - I have been called about every name under the sun for appearing to not take a side in that article, yet I did take a side, the only side I could take, Terri's side. Not her husband's side, not her parent's side, though I stated clearly that I related to their position best, not the court's side as they had failed the family miserably and not the people's side, but Terri's side. - end quote -

Update - JB Williams has 2 posts on the subject of Terri Schiavo
Post 1 - Okay? I?ll talk About Terri Schiavo? Once!
Post 2 - Okay?Let?s talk about Terri Schiavo?Again!