Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dean's Journal Gives list of Email Addresses.

A list of Floridian Elected officials emails. All set up nice and neat. - Copy and paste into your email message (be short, single point, nice but firm) might mention tourist dollars.

Thanks to Dean's Journal - he has Phone numbers and street addresses at his site. - Please visit him and leave him some comments/thanks after you send an email to these folks. - If you have more than one email box use it. -

argenziano.nancy.web@flsenate.gov, bennett.mike.web@flsenate.gov, bullard.larcenia.web@flsenate.gov, carlton.lisa.web@flsenate.gov, portilla.alex.web@flsenate.gov, dockery.paula.web@flsenate.gov, jones.dennis.web@flsenate.gov, king.james.web@flsenate.gov, lynn.evelyn.web@flsenate.gov, saunders.burt.web@flsenate.gov, villalobos.alex.web@flsenate.gov