Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Reply to Comments on Previous Post

On one of my posts concerning Terri Schiavo Public Theologian commented that 19 judges have heard the Terri Schiavo case and all found in favor of the husband, Michael Schiavo. I wrote to a trusted friend concerning this but have not received a return email as of yet. I did however hear the answer on Hugh Hewitts radio show today. It seems that all of these judges have been looking at the same material that the Left Wing Radical Judge Greer gave them. They have not been looking at ANY new evidence. Public Theologian also commented that the doctors are court appointed. The court appointed doctors are suspect since the pro-death court that appointed them is the same one that demanded the feeding tube be removed from Terri last Friday. Conspiracy theory stuff? Perhaps so but a woman's life is at stake. If I must wear a foil hat to write this so be it. I will do so in favor of life. I refuse to join the pro-death squad and sit in despair over her quality of life.
Why the rush to kill this woman?

Ever hear the words follow the money trail?

Today I heard one of the nurses that took care of Terri for 1-1/2 years say that she and others heard Michael Sciavo say that when his wife dies he would be rich. He would come to the hospice and get upset if any therapy was being given to Terri. He was very anxious for the "bitch" to die. - (Nurses testimony of Michael's word, not mine) - She (the nurse) told of interaction with Terri (she laughs, feels pain and says a few words in response to questions) and no matter what Public Theologian says I will not be convinced that Terri is in a vegetative state until she gets a new trial with cameras rolling. Should testimony/evidence like this be entered into the equation? It counts for nothing on the radio but this woman and others (including a neurologist/Nobel prize nominee who spent 10 hours with Terri) will testify under oath if given a chance.

Congress ordered for a new trial to allow new evidence. Judge Pilate Whittemore was chosen (by computer?) to follow the orders of Congress. Instead he chooses to duck his head and slide out of the job. Perhaps so he would not upset his golf buddies, that is, other judges in on the caper.
(Question? Is it against the law for citizens to spit on the ground in front of a judge when he leave the courthouse?)

Then there is the sad case of a pastor in Florida who claims to know Terri is brain dead. He comes out with the left wing talking points and refuses to look at any questions put before him. For some reason he and others like him prefer to have Terri killed in a fashion that not even captured terrorists are treated. Which is more pitiable? Terri who cannot get before an honest judge? Or a flock of sheep in Florida whose pastor refuses to search for a judge and justice for Terri?