Thursday, March 24, 2005

Federal Interference into State Business.

Our court system is not perfect and that is why there are checks and balances. (see Dred-Scott decision Each judge DOES bring into court his prejudices and bias. Terri's PARENTS brought to the Congress evidence that Michael Schiavo has been abusing Terri by various methods and that his self interest was trumping Terri's care. Also evidence was presented that Terri is not in a vegetative state but is indeed capable of feeling pain. Starvation is not a method of dealing with people in her condition. Congress listened to the grievances and acted accordingly by asking the state of Florida judicial system for a NEW trial on the chance that allegations against Michael, Judge Greer and the court (Greer) appointed attending Physician were true and Terri was indeed having her civil rights violated. I think it is wonderful that we live in a country where the leader of that country will act to defend the rights of even the least of it's citizens.

According to the news reports and biased polling the majority of this country do not want the feds 'interfering'. If that is true then these elected officials of both parties have placed their jobs on the line to defend one helpless woman. I say they did the right thing! -

Hugh Hewitt has written a piece supporting my feelings. Thanks Hugh -