Sunday, March 13, 2005

Molested as a Child She Now Speaks Out!

Alice Marie Beard has told her story of being molested as a child. In her story she tells of other children molested by the same man including her sister. Not one of the children snitched on the man who is now dead. Why did they let him get away with it. Because children, when molested become fearful and shame holds their tounge. Please read Alice's post and share the link with others.

From Alice's web page:

In the 1950s he ran a small vacation site in Montmorency Co., MI. In the fall and winter, hunters filled the cabins. In the summer, families rented the cabins and let their kids walk around the fish pond, sit under the pine trees, and swim in the bend of Gilchrist Creek. Ray Pierce molested every little girl he could get his calloused hands on. I was one of them.

It began the summer I was four. By the time I was eight, I had figured out how to avoid him during my family's summer stays. Even as I approach 50, there are times that the past given to me by Pierce comes over me in a cold wash and freezes me where I am.

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