Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Terri Schiavo - Not All Has Been Done!

UPDATE: Rev. Robert Johansen wrote an article on NRO that really lets those who care know that not all has been done to find out Terri's condition:

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TALLAHASSEE -- With less than three days to go before Terri Schiavo's feeding tube is removed, the Florida Senate on Tuesday significantly changed the legislation designed to forestall her death.

Earlier this week, key lawmakers in the House and Senate reached a tentative agreement on a bill to block the court-ordered removal of the severely brain-damaged woman's feeding tube at 1 p.m. Friday.

But that deal seemed to fall apart Tuesday, at least in the short term, when the final committees hearing the legislation in both the House and Senate approved competing versions. Members of both chambers planned to renew discussions today and said they were "optimistic" they could reach a new consensus before the deadline.

"We've got time to get it done . . . I'm hopeful to sign something Friday. That's the plan," Gov. Jeb Bush said.

And Michael Schiavo Appeared on ABC's Nightline -

Michael Schiavo, making his first public comments Tuesday since late 2003 to ABC News Nightline, lashed out at Bush and the Legislature.

"It's really uncomprehensible . . . for a governor to come into this without any education on the subject and push his personal views into this and have his Republican [Legislature] pass laws so that this doesn't happen," Schiavo said, according to a transcript released by ABC. "Are they going to start pushing legislation for removing ventilators? Are they going to start forcing people to take chemo against their wishes? What they're doing is, they're making the decisions for us."

Added his attorney, George Felos: "Jeb Bush in Florida is determined to become the George Wallace of his generation, standing on the courthouse steps saying, 'We're not going to obey a court order that carries out a patient's constitutional rights.' "

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prying1 sez
Pinellas Circuit Judge George Greer, The judge that ordered the feeding tube removed is the one name I hope the people of Florida remember. If his name ever comes up on a ballot that is the time to remove him from his position.