Saturday, March 19, 2005


Political Fan has taken Harry Reid's (D-NV) speech instructing ignorant Americans on the workings of government and answered it with a touch of sarcasm and flavored with truth. It is quite hilarious as you begin to realize that Steve Foreman, Blogger Extraordinaire, should have Harry's job. The world would be a better place were it so.

reid:“Our Constitution provides for checks and balances so that no one person in power, so that no one political party can hold total control over the course of our nation.”

Steve: No, Senator. The checks and balances are to balance the powers between the judicial, legislative and executive branches, not between the Republicans and Democrats.

Be sure to check out Steves PodCasts - In this we hear Barbara Boxer admit that holding back on the judicial nominations is unconstitutional nonsense. They (Dems) are whining they want a super majority vote and the constitution DOES NOT call for it. Takes a while for downloads on dialup but it is worth it!!!