Saturday, January 28, 2006

Squirt a Friend - Go to Jail!

I'll never forget crying and running home one day. Eight years old. I came running into the house, my mom calmed me down a bit and asked where it hurt. My answer was that some kids down the street were being mean and squirting me with squirt guns. Mom said, "It's only water!"

My mind opened up a bit that day. A realization that squirt guns were designed for kids to have fun. I ran back out and rejoined the kids. I was not killed. I had fun. I got wet.

I told that story to lead into this. Illinois has some dopey elected officials that want to ban squirt guns. Patriotic Mom, an Illinoisian has a bit on it along with a link to The Conservative Voice.

Warner Todd Huston gives us a bit on the bill: Provides that it is unlawful for any person to purchase, possess, use, sell, give away, or otherwise transfer, or to engage in the business of selling, or to exhibit for sale, any replica rocket propelled grenade launcher, bazooka, artillery piece, grenade, mine, bomb, or items similar to weapons designed and manufactured for military purposes or replicas of those items. Provides that a violation is a Class A misdemeanor.

and Mr Huston goes on to say:

This sweeping and rather ill defined usage of the word "replica" could easily be construed to mean anything that looks like a gun or cannon or a toy made to appear like one from any of the categories listed. That would mean Civil War reenactors with their 1800's style cannons and muskets as well as reenactors of other eras (notably WWII with their more modern firearms) are targeted. For that matter, water guns could become illegal to own, sell and distribute in the state. Even Walmart would be under restrictions for selling toys it should be pointed out.

prying1 sez:
Once again the elected officials look to punish inanimate objects. Like that is really possible. I would like to see our elected officials come up with a comprehensive plan for mandatory sentences for criminals instead.

If in the commision of a crime a person is found guilty of
Possession/Showing a gun (toy or not) - 10 years
Pulling the trigger - 25 years
Hitting someone with a bullet - 40 years (each one)
Murdering someone - Life and/or Death Penalty (According to state laws)